Water providers reduce asset theft with new padlock

Water providers reduce asset theft with new padlock

TEC Solutions, a New York City based security engineering consulting firm specializing in wireless applications, looks to help water providers reduce asset theft with the new FlashLock Padlock. The innovative keyless padlock utilizes serial optical communications technology so users can gain access with their smart phone, no more keys. By eliminating keys, providers reduce the risk of unauthorized access if those keys are lost or stolen. The smart padlock is completely wireless and can be controlled remotely, making it an ideal solution for remote areas. With wireless capabilities and a heavy-duty weather resistant design, the FlashLock Padlock is the first smart lock created for the water industry.

TEC Solutions specializes in non-infrastructure security and has been implementing solutions for the public sector for over 15 years. During that time, they have become a go-to for agencies looking to address unique security issues. One recent challenge they were presented with was protecting water fill stations and hydrants from theft. Apparently local businesses, like landscapers, were filling up their trucks without paying the water provider. There were locks in place to prevent theft, but they were low-security and easily bypassed. This theft not only took away from a provider’s bottom line, but also exposed them to high fines from DOH, as well as risking contaminating local drinking water. “We were shocked at just how big this issue was. No company is going to be happy about losing revenue, but the bigger concern was backflow contaminating tons of the town’s drinking water putting residents at risk.”

After learning about the problem, TEC Solutions worked closely with providers to create a custom solution and ultimately all agreed that using FlashLock would be the best option. “We initially did not even consider FlashLock during our first meeting because it was a fairly new product.”

As TEC Solutions is finishing up the last steps to implement a pilot, they are quickly finding out that many water providers are experiencing the same issue. “It turns out that this was not an isolated incident; water theft is actually a major problem in the water industry that hasn’t really been solved.” TEC Solutions advises that FlashLock isn’t a blanket solution for all providers; every organization is different. “We always stress the importance of creating customized solutions for clients. No two organizations are the same, so no two solutions are the same, even within the same industry.”

TEC Solutions has been in the business of security consulting and engineering for both the public and private sectors for over 15 years. It has offices in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.