NarcLock Press Release Photo

TEC Solutions, a New York City-based security consulting firm specializing in wireless applications, offers EMS agencies a cost-effective solution for reducing exposure to drug diversion with narcotics storage: NarcLock. Using programmable smart keys and locks, agencies can manage access to narcotics stored in lock boxes, safes, cases, vaults, and more. Detailed audit trails are stored in both the key and lock every time access is attempted, increasing accountability and decreasing the risk of drug tampering.

Unlike similar products on the market, there is no wiring or battery required for NarcLock safes so agencies do not have to worry about getting locked out of safe due to battery dying or power outage. With no wiring, NarcLock smart locks can also be retrofitted into an agency’s existing lock boxes, saving them the cost of buying new boxes; this was a big selling point for Windsor Volunteer Ambulance. “While researching for narcotics solutions we were discouraged by pricing until we came across NarcLock in a magazine ad. The system not only fit our budget, but we were able to keep our own lock boxes which was convenient,” says Windsor. As an added bonus, the wireless locks are available in 400 different versions so agencies can expand the system to secure and track access to anything from medical cabinets to office doors. Nature Coast EMS initially used system for securing narcotics but started expanding system to other applications. “NarcLock is very adaptable and easy to grow. Once the system was installed at our new facility, we expanded it to include all nine of our EMS facilities in the county,” says Nature Coast.

TEC Solutions emphasizes the importance of tailoring NarcLock to fit the security needs of each agency. The company recently started offering agencies a customized NarcLock procedure to ensure each system is used effectively. “We’ve learned that in order for a narcotics security system, or any security system for that matter to be really useful, we can’t just sell hardware and move on. We have to collaborate with an agency to build a system that fits their needs. This goes for staff as well as management. It is a must to always involve the staff in process as they’re the ones that will actually be dealing with system regularly,” says TEC Solutions.

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